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      • Iterate Design envelope
      • Balance with internal components
      • Define reliability requirements
      • Develop performance specifications
      • Virtual test during design


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      • 15+ Years Asia Experience
      • Injection Moulding Experts
      • Scientific Troubleshooting
      • Multi Level Project Management

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      • Product definition
      • Use marketing input
      • Design for Aestheticts
      • Target costs and budgets
      • Guide manufacturing process 

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My status 

VentureTech Engineering in China under Western management
VentureTech Supporting Top brand companies in China
Engineering • Iterate Design envelope• Balance with internal components• Define reliability requirements• Develop performance specifications• Virtual test during design

Engineer in China

Engineer in China: near the manufacturing base, cost focused, investment budget conscious, and at attractive project rates, under European/US management for high quality products.

VentureTech has successfully concluded design and engineering projects for consumer electronics, sports articles and other consumer products from idea/product definition to mass production. VentureTech has successfully supported Top Brand companies and their suppliers for highly complex injection molding challenges, working with their experts for complete mold equipment and tooling system reviews, and process optimization using state of art simulation and data acquisition techniques.